The Rise of Coronavirus, Influencer Marketing, and Business Continuity

While it’s not completely business as usual in light of the Coronavirus, R-Squared’s operations aren’t affected, and measures for business continuity have been taken in order to not disturb existing campaigns and projects, ensuring the highest levels of quality. Influencer Marketing, and communication through community leaders can be extremely powerful in times of crisis, so here are some critical precautions to ensure people and brand safety and the powerful dissemination of your messaging:

  • At this time of crisis influencers will be extremely efficient in assisting to shift your digital efforts to building awareness
  • This will drive online sales from the comfort of your audiences’ sofa, all the while your audience is staying self-confined.
  • Work with influencers to share your brand’s message that you care for your audience, and these are the ways your audience can now have access to your services or products while staying safe.

Finance, insurance, and other service industries are able to work remotely, yet hand in hand with influencers, in sharing important tips on staying safe and efficiently looking after your finances during times of economic and health uncertainty.

During this time of crisis, if managed with significant expertise, content from influencers will be increasingly impactful. They are people speaking to people; it’s not a corporate message. People are concerned and need an emotional connection with someone they trust and follow, right now. Make it you.

If you are already a client of R-Squared, your Account Manager will be in touch to evaluate the needs to review the current or future campaigns. If you are considering working with R-Squared but are not a client yet, please communicate with or via WhatsApp at +27 (0)60 698 7204 to assess your brief and timeline against current capacity before sending your brief.

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