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Statistics point towards increasing brand spend on Influencer Marketing for 2020. What does this mean for your company/brand? Recently, 60% of 18-34 years old in South Africa say that their purchase decisions have been swayed by influencers on social media. (source: eConsultancy). Statistics show that the recent attitude of consumers are fostered by trusted endorsements by persons they feel an…

Influencer Marketplaces/Platforms vs Influencer Marketing Experts: what choice?

Marketing professionals and companies looking at exploring influencer marketing must wonder whether it’s better to use a do it yourself (DIY) influencer marketing platform or to engage the services of influencer marketing agencies. Well, after reading this, you’ll not wonder anymore. An influencer marketing platform/marketplace is like Tinder. It’s a platform that connects brands/marketers and influencers together. A brand visits…


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