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The dangers of mismanaging an Influencer campaign

“You’ve planned your campaign ahead of time, the campaign has kicked off smoothly and everything seems to be in order. You’ve run through a risk management process with the influencers and determined how to mitigate brand risk effectively. What if you haven’t considered all the factors?” Here are some questions to consider when mitigating brand risk in influencer campaign management:…

The good, the bad and the ugly side of Influencer Marketing

“You may have read my previous articles and now you know what’s needed to successfully run an Influencer Marketing campaign. You’re expecting a great ROI for your efforts. In this final article of the series, you’ll be able to see the good and the bad side of Influencer campaign planning and management, or the lack thereof. “ The Good I’m…

Influencer campaign planning shouldn’t be Mission Impossible

“So the campaign has finally kicked off! You’ve read my previous article and expertly vetted and selected your influencers and the campaign brief has been circulated to them, easy stuff! However, you’ve noticed that your audience isn’t really engaging with the content and you’re starting to question why your audience seems to have become alienated from the brand. Is it…


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