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Influencer Marketing Authenticity

In recent times, authenticity has become the most arbitrary yet lucrative world among marketers, brands, and even influencers but doesn’t it seem almost paradoxical to combine authenticity with marketing? In the conventional sense, maybe. However, when it comes to Influencer Marketing; it’s pretty much the sole reason as to why it works.” In an Influencer Marketing survey that asked 170…

From Traditional To Influencer Marketing

My transition from a traditional marketing background to an influencer marketing marketing agency was challenging. Having focused on corporate messaging, I could draft technical articles and press releases easily. However, I soon realized that there was an enormous difference in the type of content creation required for both environments. But why? Here’s my guess: before authentic influencer content creation, marketers…

Influencer Marketing: What’s Important To Your Audience?

“Conventional marketing as a stand-alone strategy doesn’t work as well as it used to. The marketing landscape has changed, and the only way to ensure continued relevance with your target is to adapt.” Research consistently indicates that statistically, people no longer pay attention to advertising – in any medium. Adobe managing director Australia and New Zealand Paul Robson states: “The…


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