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Are you aware that if you have more than 5000 followers and you are authentic in your posting, you are an incredibly valuable influencer? We know that you would like to set up multiple revenue streams, while sharing your views on social media. We will take the influence you have on specific sectors, and the engagement you have with your audience, and connect you with the right brand/s for your profile.

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We will assist you by matching you to specific projects, brands and campaigns, on a project by project basis.

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R-Squared Digital are specialists in Influencer Marketing, focusing on all aspects of Influencer Marketing campaigns. The connector influencer platform is called adMingle. adMingle is currently present in 15 countries across 4 continents. Turn your influence and time invested in your social media and online platforms into earnings. With adMingle, we can identify campaigns for you to start sharing and engaging on, to earn real money!

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