Brand Advocacy

Your best brand ambassadors are your satisfied customers, social media followers and employees.

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Do you want to significantly increase your audience engagement?

What your audience enjoys daily defines who they are as individuals. Do you understand your audience to that level?

We all know how important it is to adapt our corporate and brand strategies around our customers. If a significant part of the audience of a brand partnering with R-Squared Digital on brand advocacy is posting on Instagram as a primary platform with music as their key interest, the brand is able to adjust its marketing strategy to include musical elements, give away concert tickets, sponsor music events etc. Understanding our audience to the level of what they like in their personal life is the most beneficial information any marketer can dream of.

R-Squared Digital is the exclusive South African partner of Social Internet Ltd., the solutions which will enable you to understand your audience to the next level and will further motivate them to endorse your brand with their close friends and relatives. Social Internet’s brand advocacy solutions include best of class proprietary technologies that include highly advanced campaign, social media, and audience analytics bundled with the most exciting incentive solutions for your audience.

N11 Case Study - Turkey

N11 is one of the largest Turkish online retailers. N11 used the brand advocacy solution, focusing on Twitter, with discounts as rewards. During the first month, the Twitter audience increased by 11,000, and 7,4 million new impressions were achieved. 300,000 Euro in additional revenue was generated.

Social Internet's brand advocacy solutions allow for sharing on most major social media platforms, including WhatsApp, with a wide variety of incentives such as coupons, discounts, prepaid mobile data, loyalty points to be exchanged against rewards, etc. - Tweet'Case Study from Punch on Vimeo.

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