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Our team has a flair for collecting and analysing appropriate and needed data. We operate both client-side (collecting and collating customer opinions, investment and marketing information) and with agencies operating in all sectors (providing customised information per brief). We specialise in both quantitative (statistics, percentages, generally quick results) and qualitative research (analysing opinions, reasons behind percentages or buying decisions, often a longer process).

Research projects include, but are not limited to:

Market Research

Our expertise makes us the perfect partner for your digital audit. We will research your online presence and perceptions of your brand. We adopt a fully comprehensive approach with actionable outcomes. Our professional team will partner with you in defining, developing and managing your brand online. Retain or build your credibility. We will guide your digital brand strategy in a way that is measurable, against agreed KPIs, with defined metrics and goals.

Online Community Management

To be successful, you need to have a targeted goal, a clear strategy, and a decent roll out plan with a calendar. Online community management is the process of creating or altering an existing community in order to make your community stronger. We manage the process of attracting new people to your community, we reach out to older or inactive community members to bring them back onboard (customer retention), and we provide more opportunities for your members of your communities to engage with one another. The larger and more engaged your audience is, the more opportunities you'll have to convert your community members through standard marketing initiatives. Our team can ensure your online brand reputation is stellar.

Coaching and Workshops

Our team will educate, upskill and arm you and your team with the knowledge you need in order to maximise and leverage your content generation and personal digital brand growth. Sponsorship packages are available for agencies wishing to present on behalf of their expertise/brand.

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